Each year, Pangea Net asks me to design a visual identity for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in a different country, part of their network. This year 2021 was supposed to be held in Poland, but because of the Covid crisis, the AGM took place online in June 2021. 
This year theme was "Digital, connect beyond borders". I represented each country, part of the network, with a symbol: a famous building, an emblem, an animal or an object, all unique and specific to each country. I used those symbols to "shape" the heptagon of their original logo to showcase that all members are connected, beyond borders, within one network.
This visual identity was then used for all their marketing materials during the meeting including annual report and program. As it was an online meeting, I also designed Zoom backgrounds and introduction videos for each part of the meeting. 

Pangea Net is an international network of independent law firms that includes over 500 lawyers in 32 jurisdictions and over 4 continents. The members provide a broad range of legal services.
Pangea Net - International

June 2021

Concept · Visual identity · Logo · Icon design · Print materials · Digital materials · Motion design

Pangea Net's original logo

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