Wildlife on the Mogalakwena Reserve is particularly well habituated resulting in extraordinary close encounters and prolific sightings. The Mogalakwena River runs through the reserve, which add further dimension to the biodiversity of this area.
More than 300 species of birds have been recorded within the Mogalakwena Reserve area including the elusive African Finfoot. An absolute treat for birders!

This project aims to illustrate the diversity of birds residing in the reserve and is part of the redesign of Mogalakwena's website. Each bird is digitally illustrated and will appear on the pages of the website. Next to the illustration, visitors will be able to hear the sound of the specific bird to immerse them more in the African bush. See the project here.

More illustrations to come!
Mogalakwena Group - South Africa

September 2019


Male African Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis), March 2019

African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis), October 2019

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