Since the beginning of my journey as a self-entrepreneur, I have my heart set on training with inspiring figures to develop my skills and make great professional encounters. This time, I have enrolled, for 4 weeks, in the first Skillshare Chroma Course with DKNG Studios, a graphic design studio based in Los Angeles and specialised in the music and entertainment sector. 

This training revolved around vector drawing, with a fictive brief that could not be more original:
The client, Give A Dog A Bone, is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about adoptable dogs in the area. Their annual live music/meet-a-dog festival, Woofstock, is expanding this year to include educational booths around dog training and a dedicated area for puppy socialisation in addition to the local bands and adoptable dogs that usually make up this event. The merchandise sold at this event is one of the main sources of income for the client.
The project goal was to design the merchandise illustration for this year’s Woofstock, to be sold on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. The illustration should be fun, bright, and exciting, and should convey the joy and purpose of the event to a casual viewer. It should encourage purchase of merchandise and be appropriate for gifts, as well.

The result ? A training incredibly rich in learning and the possibility of creating playful illustrations in a range of everyday objects. I loved working with Dan & Nathan and being able to express new ideas in a dynamic setting, taking advantage of their unique and offbeat know-how!
Personal project

November 2021

Concepts creation · Vector illustrations · Merchandising
For my concept, I associated a style of music with a dog breed by playing with shared colours and shapes like the Dalmatian and piano. To add the adoption/pet owner aspect I thought of this saying “like owner, like dog” when dogs and their owners look similar in appearance and personality (apparently scientifically proven !). Like the photographs of British photographer Gerrard Gethings. We usually tend to prefer things that looks a bit like us or to orbit around people who share our personalities. The dogs and their owners both tend to show similar personality profiles as the personality seemed to be part of the dog's appeal in the first place. Dogs look like us, act like us and in one way reciprocate our feelings. This could be applied to music and the style of music we tend to go to. Style, which is associated with a specific dog breed, which will show a good reflection of our own true nature.
The festival would include several areas/stages depending on the style of music and at each stage there would be stands to adopt the breeds of dogs associated with this style. 
Illustrated concept
Draft of the Dalmatian.
Flat illustration created on Illustrator.
Final result
Final poster presented.

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