enrsur is an insurance broker offering solutions to meet the needs of renewable energy professionals. A pioneer in this field, enrsur offers a simple, personalized and fully digitalized user-centered service.
For their launch in 2022, the client wanted to build a visual identity, as well as digital and print media, reflecting its unique brand strategy, positioning and objectives. Enrsur positions itself as an expert and reliable service provider that cuts through complexity and aims to provide customers with the opportunity to focus on their priorities by providing them with the best insurance solutions.
To meet these expectations, Making You Smile called on my services. We worked on its new visual identity around strategic work by creating a curious, dynamic, human-centered brand that evokes the spirit of an explorer in search of freedom and new ways of doing things.
Expertise, trust, kindness and support are the values that guided me to build the visual identity of enrsur. This resulted in a simple and readable logo and a graphic universe that evokes the idea of a link and emphasises enrsur's position as an expert and reliable service provider to its targets. A modern palette with young, vibrant colors and human-centered visuals evoking the spirit of an explorer complete the graphic universe.
In collaboration with Making You Smile

July 2022

Visual identity · Web design · print

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