Thérapy is a new cosmetics brand launched in 2023. “Thérapy” combines the English word “Therapy” with the French “Thé”. It offers a beauty ritual inspired by the restorative power of herbal tea. The brand's goal is to create a supportive community that raises awareness of the importance of psychological health.
The founder asked Making You Smile to support the project throughout the process of creating a story aligned with her soul, aspirations and goals and creating a brand, from strategy to release of the first products.
To meet these expectations, Making You Smile called on my services for the design. For Thérapy, we wanted to provide a creative solution that allows the brand to stand out and especially have a brand image that lives up to their values. We worked on the visual identity around the strategic work and with elements that reflect human warmth, comfort and serenity. Then, we declined these elements through packagings and a website.
Thérapy seeks above all to provide daily comfort and serenity thanks to the restorative powers of tea and medicinal plants. Their beauty ritual is inspired by the act of enjoying tea and herbal tea which comforts our bodies, minds and souls. It is on this basis that I created the graphic universe of the brand. After multiple proposals, we arrived at a simple logo with tea leaves which evokes the idea of connection. I also created the symbol of a woman surrounded by plants which recalls harmony, ritual, community, solidarity & the idea of caring. The palette also follows the brand's personality with warm, calming colors.
To complete the visual identity, I created 6 illustrations representing the 3 main ingredients of each product, present in teas and herbal teas and known for their therapeutic properties. They accentuate the natural side of the ingredients and support Thérapy in an approach to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainable solutions.
Their range is made up of 2 facial products: a nourishing cream and hydrating radiance cream. With its products with natural and ecological recipes and particular attention to their environmental footprint, we had to offer packaging that reduces the pressure on the environment. Their packaging is plastic-free, entirely biodegradable, made from wood scraps from sustainably managed forests and vegetable glue.The design of the secondary packaging is simple and uses illustrations of the ingredients.
In collaboration with Making You Smile

July 2022

Visual identity · Illustration · Packaging · Web design · print

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