I collaborated with Making You Smile to design the visual identity for JHB Consult a boutique advisory firm focusing on clean energy, agricultural, and health projects in emerging African countries. JHB Consult aims to bring more light, comfort, and opportunity to millions of lives by helping project developers and investors to successfully navigate the challenges of working in Africa.
 My mission was to build a brand identity aligned with the vision and goals of the company. The JHB Consult identity was designed to be clear, light, reliable and reassuring and illustrate the main message of the company "lighting the way to success".

In addition to the main visual elements (logo, colour palette, graphic elements and typography), I designed and developed the website following the identity, business cards, social media banner and powerpoint template.
JHB Consult
In collaboration with Making You Smile

September 2021

Visual Identity · Logo · UI/UX design · Web development · Print materials · digital materials
Taehee Kim Verney-Carron - Founder & Brand Strategist of Making You Smile
"Since I founded Making You Smile in 2021, Eva has been one of the most dependable partners of our branding agency since the very beginning. Each time I'm asked to describe Eva and her work, the first word that comes up to my mind is "brilliant". Above all, she's a definitely talented graphic designer and illustrator filled with creative ideas. Also, thanks to her deep understanding of branding, she has a very strategic approach when it comes to creating new visual concepts from scratch, while she well knows how to make an existing brand's visual identity evolve greatly. In addition to her highly recommendable skills and competencies, what truly sets her apart is her amazing personality - she's full of positive energy, hardworking, reliable, and, last but not least, extremely kind-hearted."

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