In 2020, my dad asked me if I could redesign a new label for his beekeeping business/hobby. The label he had did not suit him anymore (see below) and he wanted something a bit more professional and personalised.
He wanted the label to represent the flowers present in Alsace, region in France where he lives and his beehives are. I suggested we illustrate the flowers and bees to show his product's natural qualities.

My dad produces 2 types of honey: flower honey and acacia honey. We started with the flower honey as it is the one he produces in higher quantity. For the label, he selected 4 flowers from the region and that bees would gather pollen from: the hawthorn, the honeysuckle, the clematis and the dog-rose. 
From there, I made some research about this 4 plants and illustrated them with details in black & white. I also drew the worker bees and the Queen Bee represented with a crown above her head. I drew the bees in colours to accentuate the contrast and show the main activity. 
My dad - France

May 2020

Packaging · Digital illustration · Print

Initial label my Dad used to buy for his honey

Here below is the final label design and each illustration made for the label. Enjoy!

Flat label illustrated and designed for the flower honey

All flowers and bees have been drawn separately and then arranged on the label. The illustrations are high in details for a professional look.

The hawthorn (Crataegus​​​​​​​)

The dog-rose (Rosa canina L.)

The clematis (Clematis)

The honeysuckle (Lonicera)

Worker bee

Queen Bee with a crown above her head

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