In the words of illustrator and author Dieter Braun, “What digital drawing has in common with Mother Nature is geometry."

In August, I had the opportunity to follow his amazing illustration course: Wildlife Illustration for Children's Books (available on Domestika). In this course, Dieter takes us on an exploration of the natural world through digital illustration. He teach us how to create playful illustrations of animals and wildlife by exploring vectors, textures, and gradients in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The final project of the course consisted of creating a double-page spread that includes an illustration of a wild animal in the foreground and a natural landscape background.

It was such an amazing course. I had lots of fun creating my own double page about the elusive Sand Cat (Felis margarita), small wild cat that inhabits sandy and stony desert in Africa. Below you can follow the process of the illustration from sketching to final illustration.  

Personal project

August 2021

Concept creation · Sketch · Storyboard · Vector illustration

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