klein · wenner is an independent, multicultural team of lawyers with an international reach. The law firm was created by the association of two independent law firms and long-standing partners: KGA Avocats and Wenner. klein·wenner, based in Paris, France, provides the highest quality legal advice and service in all areas of business law.

This website was a big challenge. I was commissioned by KGA and Wenner to design and develop their brand new website comprising 105 pages translated in 4 different languages (which means 420 pages!)... in 3 months! Time was really short for such a big project but they had a clear view of what they wanted. The design had to be professional, modern, attractive, accessible, inspiring and clean. 
For a modern web design, full-page sections and high-resolution photographs (especially on the team pages) and no white areas were the way to go. We chose a rich colour scheme with comfortable colours that are focused on being easier on the eyes. The website is simple to navigate in and focus on accessibility and legibility. The site falls in line with their new identity, full-page images, and some subtle and chic details used as an accent to connect information throughout the site such as a bronze verticale line connecting the sections between one another. Their welcome screen instantly sets the tone for the company with full-screen photography.
The website is also responsive for any type of device: desktop, tablet and mobile.
KGA Avocats and Wenner - France

April 2021

UI/UX Design · Web Development

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