I created a series of illustrations made on Procreate and called « The Gods of Mogalakwena ». This series is inspired from animals and landscapes that marked my life at Mogalakwena.

Personal project

April 2019

Digital illustrations

Shishigami - The Gods of Mogalakwena

The Forest Spirit (Shishigami シシガミ) came through Mogalakwena’s Reserve at sunrise. Luckily, he returned to his animal form in time before the sun rises completely. I am a huge fan of Miyazaki and this photo reminded me of Princess Mononoke so I had to draw the Night-Walker on. Photo by Madeleine Héger.

Hector - The Gods of Mogalakwena

Hector was an old and wild waterbuck bull who chose our garden as his home during winter. He used to sleep on our veranda at night. No he wasn’t tamed, I think he was just feeling comfortable and safe. I would open up the house in the morning and would find him just front of the door. He would also try to enter the horse stable to raid the feed. When he was in, there was no way for us to take him out... a little greedy 🦌! After winter passed, he went back to the bush and I never saw him again. This is a picture I took during sunrise at Chris’s Land at Mogalakwena.

Hauru - The Gods of Mogalakwena

Hauru is a giant eagle owl we rescued in the middle of the road in 2019. He was very weak and full of lice. His wing bone was also completely broken from an old injury and had badly healed preventing him to be able to fly ever again. We closed up our veranda and made it look like a forest for him to recover until we find a better solution for him. After 2 months with us he was strong enough to be moved to a sanctuary where he now lives since. This is a picture I took during sunset at Ouland, Mogalakwena.

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