Eclosia is a Franco-American Montessori school (children aged 2 to 6 years) based in Paris in the 15th arrondissement. Its mission is to ignite the inner spark of every child and help them grow with confidence. More artistic and human than a classic Montessori setting, the school offers high-quality programs and activities with a small class size. All designed to strengthen and maintain each child’s confidence.
After a year and a half in her educational and entrepreneurial adventure, Stéphanie Camine, founder of the Eclosia school, sought to clarify the positioning of her school in order to better identify where and how to reach the right audience with the right message. She wanted to build an effective brand strategy aligned with her vision and be guided in its implementation.
I therefore called on Making You Smile agency in order to define in a clear and attractive way the strong and unique points of the school, to deliver a message aligned with its values and to target the families most likely to thrive in Eclosia. With this strategic work, we highlighted these elements through a redesign of the logo, visual identity and social media.
In collaboration with Making You Smile

Juin 2023

Visual identity · Logo · Illustrations · Social media · Print · Digital materials​​​​​​​
An optimistic and magical identity around the spark

Eclosia is a joyful, caring, gentle and enthusiastic brand. Its identity had to evoke kindness, be positive and represent the inner spark in a creative and magical way. I was inspired by the brands Innocent, for its optimistic, simple and minimalist image, and Disney, for its magical side. I created a logo with playful, childish typography and a symbol that represents moving sparks like fireworks. The palette also follows the brand personality with bright and positive colours.
The spark of children imagined through illustrations
To further highlight the concept, I decided to represent in a creative and original way the inner spark of children sometimes invisible to the eye. For this, I used photos on which I drew elements representing the joy of life, self-confidence and the imagination of children to create an even more magical universe.
Stéphanie Camine – Founder of Eclosia School
"A year after the creation of my nursery school, word of mouth was no longer enough and I had difficulty gaining visibility. I was looking to create a new design for the front window, but I couldn't find the colours, the font, or the design to reflect the state of mind of the school. Eva was immediately enthusiastic about the project, and what was supposed to be a window design became a complete overhaul of my logo and my visual identity! If you want a visual identity that truly reflects your values and the philosophy of your company, I 100% recommend Eva's creativity! I don't regret for a moment having invested in a more ambitious project. Today, thanks to her talent and the time she was willing to spend to integrate what makes us unique, families immediately understand who we are. Thanks to her ideas and creations, I have also gained in efficiency because I now can adapt communication materials in a few hours that previously took me several days. Many thanks for your generosity."

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