Pangea Net is an international network of law firms that includes more than 1500 lawyers in 32 jurisdictions and on 4 continents. Members offer a wide range of legal services for international projects.
For the 4th consecutive year, Pangea Net asked me to create an ephemeral visual identity for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in a different member country each year. This event takes place over several days and is organised by the member firm of the chosen country. In 2022, the AGM took place in Poznan, Poland. A perfect opportunity to highlight the history, architecture and colorful facades of this beautiful city.
Due to the War in Ukraine (a neighbouring country to Poland) I wanted to create a positive, colorful identity that shows both the deep history of the city as well as its values of modernity and development.
Inspired by culture, historical monuments and local specialties, I created a collection of 7 icons with simple, geometric shapes and bright colours (7 to recall the heptagon, Pangea Net's “permanent” logo). Each of the icons represents a key element of the city. And to be even more in tune with the city, the facades of the market square in the old town (“Old Town Market”) served as a color palette.
Pangea Net

June 2022

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