klein • wenner is a law firm specializing in the practice of business law and with an international reputation. The firm was born from the merger of the firms: KGA Avocats and Wenner. 

To celebrate the new year, the firm wanted to to be creative and share their message through an original video. I therefore proposed to create a fully illustrated video to present, in a dynamic way, and by condensing the message in 30 seconds, the message of peace for this new year. The video needed to be visually understood in the 4 languages the firms operates in. 

Hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation
I worked closely with the firm to agree on a simple illustration style and write the script to define the important scenes to be highlighted in the video. Then, we created a detailed storyboard explaining the content of each scene to ensure the illustrations aligned with our storytelling intentions.
The video created is a two-dimensional (2D) animation drawn by hand, frame by frame, to create the illusion of movement. Each illustration was drawn individually on Procreate then the editing of all the images, the addition of music and visual effects were carried out on Procreate Dreams and Adobe After Effects.
klein • wenner

January 2024

Script and storyboard · Illustrations · Character design · Motion design · Frame By Frame Animation

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