For the month of December 2018, Mogalakwena organised a local Christmas Market. On that occasion, they asked me to design a flyer to advertise the event in the area. It was for me a little challenge as my idea of Christmas couldn't be more different. Coming from France and having experienced the white Christmas most of my life, I needed to change, for this project, the European idea I had. It was also my first ever Christmas in South Africa... in the middle of the bush... and in summer! 
So the idea of snow and pine trees was completely out! But decorations were in. So I decided to use a symbol of the African bush as my "Christmas tree": the Greater Kudu. This elegant and dainty antelope can stand 1.6 metres at the shoulder and the males have spectacular spiral horns (the longest of any antelope). Despite their large size, they are famous for their leaping prowess – able to jump over fences and other obstacles with no difficulty.
The horns of this antelope were the perfect mount for the decorations. I illustrated the Kudu in watercolour to give a soft feel and added a festive and magic touch through little lights and stars. This was my first illustrative work as a freelance designer. 

I hope you will enjoy this project as much as I love it.
Mogalakwena Group - South Africa

December 2018

Marketing Materials · Illustration

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