B.right Brains is about helping each and every one of you achieve your projects, whether they are personal or professional, and reaching your full potential. Alexia, the brain behind the brand, show you how to fuel the right and left hemispheres of your incredible Brain as a way to promote introspection, growth and alignment; stimulate your mind and listen to your intuition; combine the concrete and the intangible. That is the B.Right Brains’ way.
I developed Alexia's website on Wordpress following the design created by a design agency. I also created 4 illustrations to showcase B.right Brains core offering.
B.right Brains - France

December 2020

Web development · Illustration
What the client says
« Working with Eva really goes beyond the sphere of design: she seeks to understand the intricacies of your industry and your specificities, she constantly challenges herself to offer the best (and the most beautiful!) solutions, and knows how to motivate you so that you do not rest on your laurels! In short, Eva enables my business to grow harmoniously and intelligently. That's why, I systematically recommend her to my clients. »
Alexia Colson-Duparchy – Founder & Coach of B.right Brains Co

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